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‘He left when he should stay!’ Donald Tusk takes Brexit-themed jab at Cummings on Twitter

‘He left when he should stay!’ Donald Tusk takes Brexit-themed jab at Cummings on Twitter
Donald Tusk has taken to Twitter to troll British PM Boris Johnson’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings over his failure to abide by Covid-19 lockdown guidance, comparing his rule-breaking 260-mile drive to Brexit.

“This is apparently Cummings and his Brexit friends’ rule: that they leave when they should stay,” Tusk, the former president of the European Council, quipped on Twitter on Tuesday. Cummings has been described as one of the masterminds behind Brexit. 

On the other hand, the avidly pro-EU Tusk, who now heads the European People’s Party (EPP) grouping in the European Parliament, last year described Brexit as “one of the most spectacular mistakes” in EU history.

Cummings is at the center of a political storm over his decision to drive from London to his parents’ farm in Durham in April with his sick wife and the couple’s young child while the government was explicitly advising Brits not to travel and to stay at home as much as possible.

The top aide to Johnson refused to resign or offer any apology for his cross-country jaunt at a press conference on Monday, during which he offered a convoluted account of why he made various trips which broke government guidelines.

While some Twitter users thought Tusk’s tweet was top trolling and a mic drop moment, others were less impressed, suggesting that he should stay out of UK politics.

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