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24 Apr, 2020 18:13

‘Thanks, celebrities!’ Australian comedian MOCKS the rich & famous for Covid-19 pep talks that ‘REALLY’ get people through (VIDEO)

‘Thanks, celebrities!’ Australian comedian MOCKS the rich & famous for Covid-19 pep talks that ‘REALLY’ get people through (VIDEO)

While regular people are on their doorsteps and balconies clapping for medical workers amid the Covid-19 pandemic, comedian Greta Lee Jackson has taken the time to remind us all who the real heroes of this crisis are: Celebrities.

In a video posted to Twitter on Friday, Jackson sarcastically mocked the rich and famous for posting non-stop (and supposedly inspirational) messages from their Hollywood mansions and sprawling estates.

“During this time of crisis, [celebrities] have provided the strength that we’ve all needed to get through,” the Sydney comedian says. “So, it’s time for us normal people to say thank you.”

The video then cuts to a medical worker who declares that the “one thing” that gives him the strength to go to work every day is “watching Ellen [DeGeneres] broadcast from her mansion.”

“I’ve lost my job, I’ve got no money, I’ve lost everything. Um, but this video of Amanda Keller dancing around in her massive kitchen is really getting me through,” another man says.

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After a few more declarations of love for celebrities from frontline workers, the video cuts back to Jackson, who offers a final word of gratitude: “From the bottom of our pathetic little nobody, unfamous, worthless dog sh*t, broke-ass hearts – thank you.”

The video is likely to go down well with British comedian Ricky Gervais, who this week also blasted bored and attention-seeking celebs for lecturing the rest of the public on what they should (and should not) be doing during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Gervais was particularly irked by the infamous rendition of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ posted online by a bevy of tone-deaf somebodies, who failed to foresee the backlash that would ensue from singing “imagine no possessions” to the world during a global pandemic that has seen millions lose their jobs and unable to make ends meet.

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