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If we have to #StayAtHome, we'll take the house with us! Defiant Kyrgyz say with viral VIDEO

If we have to #StayAtHome, we'll take the house with us! Defiant Kyrgyz say with viral VIDEO
People all over the world are facing a unique set of challenges resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, but some Kyrgyzstan residents have found arguably the most creative way to #StayAtHome yet.

Kyrgyzstan declared a state of emergency on Saturday, March 21, with travel restrictions and store closures in place and the general population asked to remain at home and avoid all non-essential travel. However, with a traditionally nomadic culture comes a certain ‘flexibility’ when it comes to the definition of staying at home, as this hilarious viral video shows.

The video was shared by Visit Kyrgyzstan, an unofficial account which appears to promote the country in parallel to its official tourism site Discover Kyrgyzstan.

Some online apparently couldn’t argue with the crafty Kyrgyz workaround, though the people in the video admittedly aren’t exactly practicing social distancing from each other.

Others seemed to recall seeing a similar concept elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the mountainous country of six million people will remain in a state of emergency until at least April 22, Kyrgyz Prime Minister Mukhammetkalyi Abylgaziev said

So far, Kyrgyzstan has 44 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection with no deaths recorded.

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