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20 Mar, 2020 10:58

Pornhub sees massive BULGE in traffic as coronavirus crisis continues

Pornhub sees massive BULGE in traffic as coronavirus crisis continues

As public gatherings are canceled, pubs and clubs closed and social distancing as well as self-quarantine have become the norm, Pornhub has reported that people are becoming, ahem, ‘reacquainted with themselves’ in huge numbers.

In recent days, the already wildly popular adult entertainment site extended its free membership offer to the beleaguered residents of France and Spain, having already come to the aid of frustrated Italians stuck in lockdown. Pornhub reported an immediate spike in traffic in all three countries immediately after the news broke.

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The day the free premium memberships were announced in Italy, France and Spain, traffic jumped in each country 57, 38 and 61 percent respectively. The website said that such eye-catching figures “clearly illustrate that people all over Europe were happy to have distractions while quarantined at home.”  

In addition, the porn giant has vowed to donate March’s revenue from partner site ModelHub to hospitals in all three countries, the hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis in Europe. 

According to the latest figures released by Pornhub, as citizens stay indoors to flatten the curve, just after the nightly ritual of applauding the emergency services, they are returning to their bedrooms to... give themselves a hand. 


Afternoon traffic has also jumped, as bored office workers fill out their spreadsheets from the comfort of home: the total number of lunchtime visitors worldwide was 26.4 percent higher than normal, while overall global traffic on the site was up 11.6 percent on March 17, the last date for which data is publicly available. 

The US, UK and Canada all went from a two percent increase in traffic at the start of March to between six and seven percent higher just two weeks later. 

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Meanwhile, in the Netherlands traffic surged by 14 percent during the same period, while traffic in Hong Kong and India, who have not received free premium access offers, grew by 23.4 and 18 percent respectively.

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