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Bravo, bravissimo! Watch stranded Spaniards & Italians applaud medics from afar with STANDING OVATIONS!

When you are used to showing your gratitude with hugs and kisses, but have to stay home due to a pandemic, there is one last resort - go to your window and applaud the brave doctors and nurses fighting the virus.

That seems to be the logic behind what's happening in Italy and Spain, two European countries hit hardest by the Covid-19 epidemic. Both are on a lockdown with people told to stay indoors to slow down the spread of the deadly virus.

Italy entered the national emergency mode on Monday this week. Soon Italians found a way to appreciate the work done by their health specialists, who can't just hide from the epidemics. They went to their balconies and windows to greet passing ambulances with rounds of applause.

Spain joined Italy on Saturday. Minutes after the Spanish prime minister announced the emergency in a televised speech, Spaniards were cheering on their medics with ovations.

Entire Europe is increasingly grinding to a stall due to the epidemics as authorities ban mass gatherings and advise people to restrict social interaction. Isolation is meant to slow down the spread of the virus and protect national health services from being overwhelmed with patients. At the same time it spreads panic as people storm shops creating chaos all over European cities.

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