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12 Mar, 2020 10:52

A lot more than baby on board: Woman caught trying to sneak insane amount of contraband into Brazilian prison (VIDEO)

A lot more than baby on board: Woman caught trying to sneak insane amount of contraband into Brazilian prison (VIDEO)

Guards at a Brazilian prison were truly baffled when a ‘pregnant’ woman attempted to visit her husband but when asked several routine questions, revealed she was in fact attempting to smuggle in everything but the kitchen sink.

The 22-year-old woman was visiting her hubby who was banged up in the Nelson Hungria Penitentiary Complex near Belo Horizonte. Guards noticed she was wearing a rather fetching, if oddly-shaped, jumpsuit. 


Pregnant women are not normally subjected to body scans when visiting inmates in Brazilian prison but, when officers attempted a pat down, the young woman crumbled and confessed to attempted smuggling. But nothing could have prepared the prison guards for the vast trove of contraband they were about to find strapped to the woman’s body.

As the video above shows, the woman was found in possession of 12 cell phones (with chargers), chewing gum, headphones, SIM cards, an assortment of pills, money, and for good measure, a mallet!

After tearing off the copious amount of duct tape used to strap the seemingly endless stash of supplies for her husband and his buddies, the woman was also found to be carrying fake ID. But wait, there’s more!


Having reportedly claimed she was pregnant, she even produced a fake ultrasound to prove it! 

“During the performance of the standard entry procedures, the visitor contradicted herself about the information related to her visitor registration. Asked about her data and documents, she ended up confessing that the information given by her was false,” a spokesperson from the State Secretariat for Justice and Public Security said.

The young woman was arrested and later taken to the Vespasiano prison where she likely awaits an equally ambitious, equally ‘pregnant’ friend to come and visit.

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