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11 Mar, 2020 14:19

Merkel is stirring up panic by warning that up to 70% of Germans could contract Covid-19 – Czech PM Babis

Merkel is stirring up panic by warning that up to 70% of Germans could contract Covid-19 – Czech PM Babis

The German chancellor’s sinister prediction that most Germans are likely to be infected with coronavirus – if nothing is done – has unnerved the Czech premier who warned that statements like this are spreading panic.

Babis was not impressed by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s alarming remarks that the fast-moving Covid-19 “has arrived in Europe” and everyone has to get real about it.

“I don't want to comment on the situation in Germany, although I believe that such statements rather cause panic,” Prime Minister Andrej Babis was quoted by CTK news agency as saying. The Czech Republic, for its part, has adopted “strong measures for such worst-case scenarios to be out of the question.”

While there is still no efficient vaccine then “60 to 70 percent of the population could be infected if this remains the case,”said Merkel citing some experts. Her prophecy was echoed by Lothar Wieler, the head of Germany’s reputable Robert Koch Institute, who predicted that “of course, more people will die here.”

But the worst-case scenario will come true if the government doesn’t tackle the crisis, Merkel said. From now on, the best tactic would be “winning time” to slow down the virus spread.

Germany had reported 1,296 cases of the virus, according to Tuesday’s figures released by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for disease control, while three people have succumbed to the deadly virus.

Still, the number is relatively low when compared to Italy – Europe’s coronavirus hotbed – where over 600 people have died.While speaking of preventive measures, Merkel promised that her coalition – recently shattered by a number of internal feuds – “will do what's necessary.”

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