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1 Mar, 2020 15:23

‘I made many new friends!’ Ivanka Trump endorses Indian ‘Me & Ivanka’ photoshopping spree after Taj Mahal visit

‘I made many new friends!’ Ivanka Trump endorses Indian ‘Me & Ivanka’ photoshopping spree after Taj Mahal visit

Ivanka Trump has praised the warmth of Indian social media users after endorsing an image-editing craze which began with a photoshopped picture showing her visiting the Taj Mahal with a local actor.

The photoshopping spree started when an unnamed fan of singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh inserted his image into a photo of Ivanka – US President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter – enjoying a view of the iconic Taj Mahal during a trip to India earlier this week.

Dosanjh apparently liked the result so much that he shared the image on Twitter. “Me & Ivanka. She [was asking me] to take her to Taj Mahal. So I took her, what else could I have done?” he joked.

Ivanka took the joke well and thanked the entertainer for “taking” her to the Taj Mahal, saying that the trip was “an experience I will never forget!” She also shared the doctored photo with her 7.8 million followers.

Meanwhile, other Indian users began posting their own edits, inserting local men into Ivanka’s picture in a similar fashion. Some joked that Dosanjh was actually “late” for being Ivanka’s tour guide.

Ivanka – who is her father’s senior adviser – did not mind this turn of events, tweeting: “I appreciate the warmth of the Indian people… I made many new friends!!!”

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