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21 Feb, 2020 22:37

This time, we EAT the press! New show offering media critique debuts on RT America

This time, we EAT the press! New show offering media critique debuts on RT America

On February 21, RT America premieres ‘Eat the Press’, a no-holds-barred media critique bloodbath hosted by veteran radio host and political commentator Steve Malzberg.

“I’ve been pointing out media bias to my audiences for years!” Malzberg said on Friday. “Some of it is blatant, some is less obvious, and some is actually revealed by what the media is not telling you at all! I relish, yes, pun intended, the opportunity I’ve been given by RT to shine a light on this most important issue on a regular basis with my own show.”

Stay hungry! Because Eat the Press will have a lot to offer each week.

In the debut episode, Malzberg hosts former Reagan administration official and author Jeffrey Lord, whom many believe was fired from CNN for his conservative beliefs. He also digs into media coverage of the sentencing of Roger Stone and why controversial investor and philanthropist George Soros reportedly wants Mark Zuckerberg to give up the reins of social media giant Facebook.

Eat the Press will provide a platform for Malzberg to react directly to the mainstream’s most egregious examples of journalistic bias and malpractice every week. He will also interview a range of expert guests about problems in media, from censorship to concentration of ownership to what he decries as “the fake news of omission,” wherein journalists too often conveniently leave vital details out of their reporting in order to protect the reputations of some people and unfairly malign others.

Malzberg has been a strident critic of what he perceives as the widespread demonization of white men and others considered “fair game” by the establishment media and its allies in the culture at large. Eat the Press is dedicated to holding the mainstream media accountable at a time when such oversight is direly needed.

Over the years, Malzberg has graced the Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, and RT America with his punditry and signature outspoken style. Malzberg regularly appears on RT America’s ‘News.Views.Hughes’ show to opine and present evidence of what he considers to be undeniable mainstream media bias. He has also appeared on ‘Watching the Hawks’ and ‘In Question’, RT America’s daytime newscast.

Malzberg previously hosted shows at WABC Radio for more than 20 years and was later syndicated by WOR Radio Network. He also spent five years hosting ‘The Steve Malzberg Show’ on Newsmax TV. With Eat the Press, he will draw on his decades of experience and well-honed perspective to expose the biases that saturate mainstream news in its coverage of the most important issues of the day.

Eat the Press will air new episodes live every Friday at 6:30pm ET. Episodes will re-air at 9pm and 11:30pm, as well as the following Sunday at 10:30am.

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