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19 Feb, 2020 09:12

Last ones to leave: 130+ Indian crew members to remain quarantined for TWO MORE WEEKS on coronavirus-hit cruise ship

Last ones to leave: 130+ Indian crew members to remain quarantined for TWO MORE WEEKS on coronavirus-hit cruise ship

After the last passenger leaves the coronavirus-struck vessel, more than 100 Indian crew members, tending the quarantined guests, will be stuck on the Diamond Princess for another two weeks.

The Indian crew will not only be the last to disembark from the disease-hit luxury liner Diamond Princess, but will be quarantined for additional two weeks after all the passengers leave, the Times of India reported on Wednesday.

Passengers, who have tested negative for the virus began stepping ashore in the Port of Yokohama, Japan, earlier that day, after spending 14 days confined to the vessel. Indian personnel has been making food, washing dishes and otherwise serving the quarantined travelers during their stay on board.

The British cruise liner, which initially carried more than 3,700 people, was quarantined by the Japanese authorities in early February, after visiting Hong Kong and Vietnam. A total of 542 people on board have tested positive for coronavirus as of Tuesday.

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Earlier this month, some Indian crewmen recorded videos, saying that they were scared of being infected while tending the passengers. In one such clip, security officer Sonali Thakkar urged to bring more doctors on the ship. In an interview with NDTV, she asked the Indian government to "take us back to India and isolate us there."

Galley worker Binay Kumar Sarkar shared a similar video on Facebook, pleading for help and saying "I don't know if I will be alive tomorrow."

Six out of the 132 Indian crew members have contracted the virus and were hospitalized. The nation's embassy in Tokyo said that the patients' condition is "improving," while diplomats are staying "in constant touch" with all Indians on the cruise ship. The embassy stated that it is working for an early release of the crew.

On Thursday, New Delhi will reportedly send a C-17 Globemaster III military transport plane to carry medical supplies to the Chinese city of Wuhan, which is the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, and evacuate Indians stranded there.

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