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31 Jan, 2020 13:05

Influenza? Instagram influencers post Coronavirus PHOTOS in desperate bid to go VIRAL

Influenza? Instagram influencers post Coronavirus PHOTOS in desperate bid to go VIRAL

Influencers are known for making the most out of any and all new trends and challenges sweeping the globe. Now, however, these Instagram stars are posing in face masks to mine the coronavirus for all the clicks it’s worth.

With the virus spreading further every day, public interest around the world has continually ratcheted up. The coronavirus hashtag has become a trend on Instagram and over 200,000 posts using the tag have been uploaded to the social media platform.

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Some conscientious posters have sought to inform their followers about the disease however many have seized on it as another opportunity to cash in on some clicks.

Youtuber Logan Paul posted a photo featuring a bevy of gas-mask wearing models and pornstars with the provocative caption: “F**k the corona virus.”

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f**k the corona virus

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German influencer ‘Fitness Oskar’ wanted his followers to know that the disease, which has already claimed over 200 lives, wasn’t going to stop him having fun with his girlfriend on a trip to Phuket, Thailand.

"We are not afraid of the virus... We still enjoy our vacation and hope that this misery will be stopped soon!," he wrote alongside a photo of him and his girlfriend passionately kissing while wearing facemasks.

While some so-called ‘influencers’ are sharing facts about the virus, social media stars are proving to be not the most reliable source of information on the deadly outbreak which has quickly spread across the planet. 

Take instagrammer Jada Hai Phong Nguyen for example. The Vietnamese woman posted a  photo of her donning a black surgical mask while sharing some tips for protecting yourself from the disease.

Some of her 88,000 followers, though praising her “cute outfit,” couldn’t help but criticize her for insinuating that surgical masks were an effective method of staving off infection. 

“Am sorry if you have misunderstood me, I love how you are so caring towards others. I really don't think these face masks will stop the virus from spreading, though you look cute, it won't protect you,” wrote one of Nguyen’s fans.

Nguyen is not alone in cashing on #Coronavirus, as the social media platform is riddled with influencers clamoring for those lucrative clicks while millions remain in quarantine.

Malaysian Chinese influencer Jeii Pong showed her mask off paired with a plaid skirt and crop top while standing in Kuala Lumpur airport. Rather than sharing the information up front with her 422,000 followers, she instead directed them to her Instagram Stories where she regularly promotes sponsored products and services.

“Y u at a airport tryna travel n infect others,” joked one of her fans. “When u gonna die but photos shoots are life,” quipped another. 

The Philippines' Adena Wilson instead advocated a more preventative approach to tackling the coronavirus crisis, coupled with prayer, of course #blessed. She also informed her 27,700 followers that surgical masks are now out of stock in stores across The Philippines.

Avoiding contact with the infected and thoroughly washing your hands and face are still some of the best methods of preventing infection, as authorities around the world work to develop a vaccine and a cure

At least 213 people have died and 9,700 have been infected so far during the coronavirus outbreak. Sales of face masks have spiked around the world, with China introducing penalties for those caught price gouging.

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