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27 Jan, 2020 13:40

WATCH first footage allegedly showing wreckage of US plane that crashed in Afghanistan

WATCH first footage allegedly showing wreckage of US plane that crashed in Afghanistan

Remains of an aircraft which crashed in the Taliban-held part of central Afghanistan can allegedly be seen in a video circulating on social media. The symbols on the plane appear to be similar to those used by the US military.

UPDATE: ‘No indication of enemy fire’: US forces in Afghanistan confirm loss of recon plane

In the video, several people can be seen inspecting a crash site. A roundel, identical to the ones used by some US Air Force planes, is visible on the aircraft’s fuselage.

US Central Command spokesperson, Major Beth Riordan said that the US military is investigating the reports of the plane crash but decline to comment further.

Earlier reports said that the plane, which has crashed in the Taliban-controlled area of Afghanistan’s central Ghazni Province, may have been an American military aircraft.

The wreckage appears to be from a plane similar to a Bombardier/Northrop Grumman E-11A surveillance and communication aircraft. Planes of this type are assigned to the US Air Force’s 430th Expeditionary Electronic Combat Squadron, which is stationed at Kandahar air base.

Regional government spokesperson Arif Noori told CBS News said that the plane was likely to have been traveling between Kandahar in the south and the capital Kabul. The bodies of two pilots were recovered from the crash site.

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Local media previously provided conflicting details about the type of plane and its owner. It was initially reported that it was a Delhi-bound passenger jet, belonging to national carrier Ariana Afghan Airlines. However, the company denied losing any of its aircraft.

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