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26 Jan, 2020 10:06

‘Pakistan has far better minds than India’: Pak government minister’s peculiar pitch to Netflix unleashes slew of criticism

‘Pakistan has far better minds than India’: Pak government minister’s peculiar pitch to Netflix unleashes slew of criticism

Pakistan’s minister for science and technology is under fire for a bizarre pitch to Netflix and Amazon which claimed that Pakistan has “far better minds” than its neighbor India.

In a tweet congratulating a Pakistani TV channel for airing a drama he enjoyed, Fawad Chaudhry called on the streaming giants to invest in the Islamic republic.

“I yet again ask @amazon and @Netflix invest in Pak drama n film #Pakistan has far better minds than India our music is far superior, you guys wont regret” he wrote.

The mistake-laden message didn’t play out quite how the politician planned. Netflix or Amazon has yet to get out their checkbooks and Chaudhry’s Twitter account has been bombarded with scolding messages. 

As well as countless quips about spellcheck, many questioned why the minister felt the need to bring India into the conversation.

“What is the dying need to mention India while inviting Netflix and Amazon? Doesn't Pak have an identity of its own, and just wants to be identified as 'not being India'?” one person asked. Another added: “Is it really necessary to mention India everywhere? What are you 12 years old or what?” 

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Chaudhry also faced criticism for tweeting about Pakistani cinema but failing to comment on a prominent child abuse case while others also claimed that the power prominent imams hold over Lollywood is hampering the industry and shutting out big investors.

Amazon and Netflix have both made bold moves into India in recent years. The media companies both ratcheted up their activity in the country in 2019 with Amazon releasing 10 original Indian shows and Netflix putting out five original Indian series and eight original films.

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