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16 Jan, 2020 11:34

Duterte jokes about peeing on Taal volcano, says ‘beautiful women’ make his problems disappear

Duterte jokes about peeing on Taal volcano, says ‘beautiful women’ make his problems disappear

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte made some characteristically brash remarks prior to and during his visit to areas affected by the Taal eruption, saying he would extinguish the volcano by peeing on it.

“I’ll eat that ashfall, even Taal, I’ll pee on it, goddamn it,” Duterte said on Monday ahead of his first public appearance since the Taal Volcano began erupting this month. 

The firebrand president had withdrawn from the public eye several times in the past year, often for weeks at a time, citing health problems, including spinal injuries from past motorcycle accidents.

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However, he visited the affected communities on Tuesday, despite warnings from his doctor about the volcanic ash fall, declaring the region a “disaster area,” regardless of whether the volcanic activity “grows into a big explosion or simmers down.” He also made some lighthearted comments on his trip to the stricken zone, joking about the attractive women in the area.

“I have so many problems. When I was in the helicopter, I was thinking about a lot of things, but when I arrived here, it disappeared,” Duterte said, at the city of Batangas Provincial Sports Complex. “Really, I love beautiful women.”

He also said he wanted to institute a price freeze on face masks amid reports of price hikes. 

As of Thursday, the volcanic alert level remains at 4, signifying a hazardous eruption is imminent, according to PHIVOLCS, the Philippines’ seismological agency.

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