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15 Jan, 2020 12:30

Pigs will fly: Animal carcass hurled into millionaire’s pool from chopper in apparent prank (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Pigs will fly: Animal carcass hurled into millionaire’s pool from chopper in apparent prank (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Argentinian fashion tycoon Federico Álvarez Castillo has fallen victim to a disgraceful prank after shocking footage showing a pig carcass being dropped from a helicopter into the swimming pool of his holiday home went viral.

Footage of the extraordinary incident has been widely shared on social media, prompting the fashion tycoon behind the Etiqueta Negra brand, who also dabbles in property development, to denounce the cruel prank on Instagram. 

Castillo and his circle of friends were subjected to an avalanche of criticism after the galling video first emerged.

WARNING: This footage may disturb some viewers.

“I wish to denounce this act of vandalism of which my family and I were victims. We were inside our home when he heard a loud noise in the garden,” Castillo wrote on his Instagram Stories. 

“As we went outside we witnessed this appalling act which disturbed us greatly all for the sake of a joke in extremely poor taste. We denounce these kinds of acts and we are working to clear up what exactly happened here.” 

Argentinian media is reporting that the likely pranksters are, in fact, friends of the businessman. 


#EtiquetaNegra, in honor of Castillo's brand, trended on Argentinian Twitter as people weighed in on the incident. 

“Now the owner of Etiqueta Negra has hurled a pig from a helicopter I will continue to boycott that clothing brand I could never afford anyway,” wrote one irate user, though it has yet to be established who was responsible for the disgusting prank.

Castillo’s wife, model Lara Bernasconi, told local media the animal was a sheep, though the animal in the video more closely resembles a pig. 

The animal was thought to be dead before it was thrown from the helicopter though there has been no official confirmation by police yet. It is also unclear whether Castillo filed a complaint with the police to launch an official investigation into the incident.

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