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8 Jan, 2020 20:48

Spanish driver rams his SUV into church in attempt to ‘ESCAPE THE DEVIL’

Spanish driver rams his SUV into church in attempt to ‘ESCAPE THE DEVIL’

A bizarre traffic incident occurred in Spain when a man drove his car inside a church, ramming through the doors and almost destroying the altar. He said he was possessed by the devil and was seeking redemption.

A black SUV smashed into the portal of the church in the town of Sonseca in the central Toledo province early on Wednesday.

The massive wooden doors withstood the initial impact, while one passer-by thought that a crash had happened and approached the driver to ask about his condition.  

But the man behind the wheel shouted obscenities at her and continued his attempts to get his car into the place of worship. The scared woman ran away and called the police.

The doors eventually gave in and the powerful vehicle raced into the church, throwing benches aside and stopping only a meter away from the altar.

When officers arrived, the unhinged driver told them that he was possessed by the devil and that the church was the only place where he could find shelter.

He was identified as a local man, who owned a shop, celling products for cultivation of marijuana, located just 800 meters away from the scene.

The 35-year-old was hospitalized with minor injuries. Tests for alcohol and other substances were reportedly done on him, but their results haven’t been yet revealed. Police sources said that the perpetrator may be put under arrest.

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Sonseca mayor, Sergio Mora, expressed relief that none of his citizens were wounded in the incident and offered the church assistance in the restoring the damage.

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