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18 Dec, 2019 16:32

‘You don’t mess around with demons’: Exorcists condemn book that teaches kids to ‘summon’ evil spirits

‘You don’t mess around with demons’: Exorcists condemn book that teaches kids to ‘summon’ evil spirits

The International Association of Exorcists (AIE) took the rare step of warning parents about ‘A Children’s Book of Demons,’ a book teaching kids as young as five how to summon demons to help with problems like bullies and chores.

The bizarre book, published earlier this year, shows children aged five to 10 how to summon various multi-limbed, razor-toothed evil spirits to solve their problems using a series of simple symbols (easy to draw for little hands!).

Dinner unappealing? Summon a demon to turn it into cookies. Don’t want to go to school? Summon a demon to make you sick. The exorcists are livid.


‘A Children’s Book of Demons’ presents summoning demons as something “ordinary and recommendable,” AIE president Father Francesco Bamonte seethed in a recent statement; “inviting children to ally themselves with them, to take advantage of them…You don’t mess around with demons.”  

Whoever invites a child to summon a demon is like a person who puts a grenade in their hands to play with. Sooner or later the child will pull them in and the bomb will explode in their hands.

The book is part of a trend toward mainstreaming devil-worship as “a normal alternative to other religions,” Bamonte lamented, adding that providing such material to children muddles their “discernment between what is good and what is bad.”

Teaching kids to seek help from a demon – even one that’s been packaged as child-friendly, with a beanie hat between the usual horns – is like telling them to get help from a criminal, he said.

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While the book is presented by publisher Koyama Press as a “paranormal parody” – perhaps after an abundance of scathingly negative reviews from parents slamming it as “straight up from the pits of hell garbage” and “pure evil” – it still puts children at risk of bringing demons into their home and leading them down the path to eternal damnation, the exorcists warned.

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