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3 Jan, 2020 16:49

‘Can you please invade?’ Aussies plead with NZ PM Ardern to take over as bushfire crisis worsens

‘Can you please invade?’ Aussies plead with NZ PM Ardern to take over as bushfire crisis worsens

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern clearly won the hearts of Australians after an Instagram post offering more support in the bushfire crisis, prompting many to ask if she would kindly pop over and oust Scott Morrison.

“Next week New Zealand will send another team of 22 firefighters and logistical support to join the rotation of more than 150 kiwis that we have had working alongside our Australian counterparts since October,” Ardern wrote in a recent message about the wildfires. 

“Can you please invade Australia? I for one would welcome our New Zealand overlords. Please send leadership,” one concerned Aussie wrote in response.

“Wish you could take Scott Morrison’s place for the next few months, we need some humanity and help, this is a disaster!” wrote user Charlotte Curd. Other posters echoed her sentiments, asking: “Can you come be our PM please?!” 

Many lauded Ardern’s kindness and compassion, often juxtaposing it with Australia’s actual Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s perceived coldness and ineptitude. 

“You are doing more for a country that is not even your own than our own leader is doing for us, thank you,” wrote one user. 

“@jacindaardern is it possible to be leader of 2 nations? Asking for a mate,” joked another.

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Eight people have died in the fires since Monday, bringing the total killed in the natural disaster since July  to 16. Some 450 homes have been destroyed and hundreds have been displaced and many more forced to evacuate, with help from the Australian Air Force and Navy in particular. 

Ardern displayed an empathy and compassion that many felt were sorely lacking from Australia's own prime minister, who has faced severe criticism for his handling of the bushfire crisis, including going on vacation to Hawaii. 

More recently, in an apparent attempt at damage control and to foster some good PR, Morrison visited some of the worst-affected communities, only to engage in a series of failed handshakes and cringeworthy gaffes, before being chased out of town by irate locals.

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