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2 Jan, 2020 16:19

‘Go on, p*ss off’: Disgruntled bushfire victims hound Australian PM out of town (VIDEOS)

‘Go on, p*ss off’: Disgruntled bushfire victims hound Australian PM out of town (VIDEOS)

Australian PM’s attempt to console victims of the massive bushfires has spectacularly flopped, as the high-ranking official failed to answer their questions, getting heckled and chased away by the angry mob.

PM Scott Morrison visited the town of Cobargo on Thursday, apparently looking for a PR opportunity – that actually turned into a disaster for him. The fires devastated the township on Tuesday – at least three people were killed, while scores lost their homes and businesses.

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The official started his visit to Cobargo walking up to a local woman, casually asking “How are you?” and then forcing her into a handshake – and that was when all the PR stunt flopped.

“I’m only shaking your hand if you give more funding to our RFS [Rural Fire Service],” the visibly reluctant woman told the PM.

Morrison was promptly swarmed by locals afterwards, who asked him a bunch of quite reasonable questions about very low number of fire engines that responded to the fires, lack of relief and so on – that he did not answer, however.

The PM aimlessly roamed the street with a bunch of other officials, including the natural disasters minister David Littleproud – and their silence only angered the locals further. One man urged the official to get out of town, telling him that his electoral prospects now look quite bleak in a profanity-laden rant.

“You’re an idiot, mate. You really are. You won’t be getting any votes down here buddy… No liberal votes. You’re out son. You are out. Goodnight Vienna. Bye. Go on, p**s off.”

Pelted with further questions about those who died in the fires and the many who've lost their homes, the officials ultimately retreated to their car – without so much as a goodbye.


Australia has been plagued by the bushfires that affected each of its states since the end of October. Extreme heat and high winds make the situation even more complicated, with new blazes sparking almost daily. So far, the fires have devastated more than four million hectares (10 million acres) of land.

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