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‘DOCTORS started it!’ claim Pakistani lawyers as authorities vow to punish ‘terrorists’ involved in deadly hospital siege

‘DOCTORS started it!’ claim Pakistani lawyers as authorities vow to punish ‘terrorists’ involved in deadly hospital siege
A war of words is heating up between professionals in Pakistan after an angry mob of attorneys barged into a hospital, attacking doctors and leaving three patients dead. Some officials have labeled it an act of “terrorism.”

The deadly unrest broke out at a hospital in Lahore, where a crowd of lawyers outraged over a viral video “ridiculing” their profession breached the walls and unleashed chaos inside. At least three patients lost their lives in the attack, which only ended after police dispersed the group with tear gas.

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Though he personally disavowed the violence and a committee had been formed to get to the bottom of the incident, Vice Chair of the Pakistan Bar Council Syed Amjad Shah insisted it was merely “the individual act of a few lawyers” and argued that the physicians were to blame for instigating the skirmish.

Doctors misbehaved with the lawyers first, after which the latter turned violent.

Some doctors in the Punjab province were hearing none of it, however, and called for a full-blown strike over the encounter.

“Tomorrow no doctor will be on duty across Punjab to protest the lawyers’ attack on doctors and paramedics of [the Punjab Institute of Cardiology]. A murder case should be registered against those responsible for this violence,” said Hammad Butt, president of the Young Consultants Association. The strike was also joined by the Young Doctors Association, another healthcare workers’ union.

Punjab’s information and culture minister, Fayyaz Chohan, who was injured in the attack as he tried to calm the situation, said that a probe had been launched to “take action against these lawyers.” The call for an “high level and unbiased” investigation was echoed by Shehbaz Sharif, president of the Pakistan Muslim League party.

Some 40 lawyers were taken into custody after the incident, Pakistan’s minister of human rights, Shireen Mazari, who said more arrests would follow. She also slammed the attorneys for the attack, tweeting:

Absolutely horrifying that those supposed to act in accordance with the law chose to become terrorists… What's the difference between marauding lawyers & terrorists?


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