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28 Nov, 2019 11:14

Russian medics prove baby’s ‘Batman mask’ can be removed: ‘MIRACULOUS’ results revealed by child’s mother (VIDEO)

Russian medics prove baby’s ‘Batman mask’ can be removed: ‘MIRACULOUS’ results revealed by child’s mother (VIDEO)

A large black birthmark on the face of an American infant has been partially removed, after a successful operation at a clinic in Russia. Her mother has shared a video showing first results of the baby’s transformation.

Carol Fenner, from Florida, brought her eight-month-old infant Luna to Krasnodar, Russia in hopes of seeking treatment for her daughter’s rare skin condition. An operation to remove the growth from Luna’s forehead – expected to be the first of several surgeries to completely rid the infant of the birthmark – was proclaimed a resounding success by Russian surgeon Dr. Pavel Popov.

A video posted to Fenner’s Instagram account shows the touching moment when Luna’s bandages are removed – revealing that the black blemish on her forehead had vanished. Popov admitted that the incredible results of the first operation even exceeded his own expectations. He also told media that despite the fact that pink skin and several small scabs on the girl’s forehead still remain, these will disappear with time. The skin will likely “recover completely,” Popov predicted.

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♥️ Results ♥️ Português 🇧🇷: Com grande emoção, apresento os primeiros resultados das cirurgias da Luna 🥰 Uma matéria linda feita pelo @dailymail e algumas fotos!!! Apenas 1 mês do último procedimento, por isso precisamos ter paciência... o resultado final teremos em alguns meses após a recuperação total da pele dela 🙏🏽 Ela ainda está com curativo na cabecinha, pois o médico precisou fazer enxertos em alguns pedaços e usou a pele dali.... Ainda falta muito, mas estamos muito felizes com os resultados e, principalmente pela luna não sentir dor e estar sempre feliz ♥️🙏🏽♥️ Estou muito feliz por ter apostado em meus instintos e ter vindo para a Rússia!! Obrigada a todos pelas orações e doações 🙏🏽 ————————————————- English 🇺🇸: With great emotion, I present the first results of Luna's surgeries 🥰 A beautiful article made by @dailymail and some photos !!! Only 1 month after the last procedure, so we need to have patience ... the final results we will have in a few months after the full recovery of her skin 🙏🏽 She still have the bandages on her head because doctor did a few grafts and used the skin from there ♥️ we still have a lot of surgeries ahead of us, but we are very happy with the results and especially because luna does not feel pain and she’s always happy ♥️🙏♥️ I’m so glad I followed my mother’s instincts and came to Russia!!! Thanks all for the prayers and donations ————————————————- #birthmark #selfesteem #gofundme #vakinha #caringmattersnow #nevus #rareskincondition #harvard #bareyourbirthmark #mrelbank #breastfeeding #mom #love #filha #amor #caldeiraodohuck #lucianohuck #photoshoot #nevuslove #maeefilha #bringingawareness #luna #amordemãe #lovetheskinyourein #somostodosluna #awareness #luna.love.hope #vida #daughter

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Luna’s mother described the results as a “miracle” and “the best possible Christmas present for our family.”

The Russian doctor has pioneered a non-invasive treatment for oncological diseases and cancer, using pain-free laser radiation. Luna’s condition, known as congenital melanocytic naevus, is not life-threatening. However, there is a slight risk of melanoma if the skin disorder is left untreated. Fenner said that removing the birthmark in the United States would have left her daughter with severe scarring.

Luna and her mother will now fly back to the United States to celebrate the holidays with family – but are scheduled to return to Krasnodar in January to continue treatment. Friends initially told Fenner that she was “crazy” to travel to Russia, but the mother said that Popov has been an “amazing” doctor and seeking treatment in Krasnodar was the right choice for Luna.

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