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15 Nov, 2019 11:07

Indians irate at Amazon for selling capsules of ‘blood’ so women could fake their virginity

Indians irate at Amazon for selling capsules of ‘blood’ so women could fake their virginity

Amazon found itself at the receiving end of a wave of backlash from irate customers in India after it emerged that the online retailer was selling capsules of fake blood as an “alternative” for women facing virginity tests.

‘Blood for the First Night’, sold by ‘i-Virgin’ is a small capsule containing fake, soluble ‘blood’ powder that is designed to be inserted into a woman's vagina on her wedding night should she need to fake virginity and pass the still-somewhat-common “character test.”


The company claims there are no “No side effects. No needles,” and that the powder is “not toxic.” For some sections of Indian society, the hymen is still associated with purity and a woman’s virginity often determines her ‘worth’ in marital arrangements, despite the fact that vigorous activities like gymnastics, horse riding or even just the use of tampons can all degrade the thin tissue, which some women are even born without.


Needless to say, when word about the niche product spread online, many were frothing with rage, with Twitter users describing it as “misogynist” and “patriarchal” while calling Amazon “irresponsible.”

Billed as an “alternative for hymenoplasty,” which also came in for criticism as both sexist and unnecessary, the product that caused such offense has now been removed from the website following the backlash.

Some made light of the product but were by far in the minority.

Virginity or “character” tests are still carried out in India in certain communities, in which a white sheet is placed on the bride and groom's bed on their wedding night, with the blood stain confirming the virginity and thus the character of the wife. If she fails, the marriage can be annulled or compensation sought by the family of the groom.

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