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6.6 quake, multiple aftershocks wreak havoc & cause panic in Mindanao, Philippines (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

6.6 quake, multiple aftershocks wreak havoc & cause panic in Mindanao, Philippines (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
The Philippines was hit by a powerful 6.6 magnitude earthquake, rocking the country’s second biggest island of Mindanao and forcing residents to flee large buildings while inspectors assess the damage.

The tremors were felt near the city of Davao early on Tuesday morning, registering 6.6 on the Richter scale, according to the US Geological Survey. No casualties have yet been reported, but a number of buildings, including some schools, were temporarily closed to the public.

Several residents of Mindanao, as well as CCTV cameras, captured the frightening quake on video.

In a statement issued after the earthquake, the government said it was “closely monitoring the situation in Mindanao,” asking citizens to “remain calm but vigilant,” but “to refrain from spreading disinformation that may cause undue alarm, panic and stress to many people.”

The aftermath of the quake was also caught on film, with one clip showing a massive crack in the facade of a skyscraper in downtown Davao.

Another video shows residents being evacuated from the Saint Elizabeth Hospital in nearby General Santos City, which also felt the quake.

Tuesday’s incident comes on the heels of a lethal quake that struck nearby just two weeks ago, leaving six dead and over 100 injured. The Philippines is located within the Pacfic Ocean’s “Ring of Fire,” an area of intense seismic activity highly prone to earthquakes.

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