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28 Oct, 2019 18:23

'Consent should be CONTINUOUS': Liberal professor implies not asking during sex is RAPE

'Consent should be CONTINUOUS': Liberal professor implies not asking during sex is RAPE

For Georgetown Law professor Preston Mitchum, a long history of stamping all men as sexist is not egregious or woke enough. According to his implication, "most men" (especially heterosexuals) are also unknowingly rapists.

On his personal website, Mitchum describes himself as an "unapologetically Black and queer civil rights advocate, activist, writer, and professor." Although he graduated from Kent State University with a BA in Political Science, he seems to have recently taken up an interest in the psychology of sex and intimate relationships.

In one of his all-time worst takes, Mitchum recently tweeted that any man who doesn't regularly check for the continuation of consent during sexual intercourse is "selfish, likely violated consent, and bad at sex."

As an adjunct professor of law, it's disappointing that Mitchum didn't elaborate on the exact legal conditions that men must meet in order to protect themselves from becoming accidental rapists. For instance, at what interval should men be checking for their partner's sustained consent? It's a detail that seems as important as his assertion is ridiculous.

Furthermore, as someone with a long history of condemning large groups of people as racist, sexist, and homophobic, his tweet is worded very carelessly. Is Mitchum implying that women aren't capable of expressing their discomfort during intercourse? Is it not possible for straight men to ever become uncomfortable while having sex? Both of these assumptions are brazenly sexist—but then again, he has plainly stated that sexism is inherent in all men, so at least he's consistent.

In a rambling follow-up thread where Mitchum defends his stance on periodically nagging for consent, he makes the following remarks:

  • Men don't poll their partners' satisfaction throughout intercourse because they're afraid of hearing "no."
  • The lack of consent-checking is on the shoulders of straight, conservative white men and straight black men with "mediocre peen."
  • Continuously harassing your partner about their level of comfort during sex can be hot.

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, it makes you wonder what's going on at prestigious US universities such as Georgetown, where professors like Preston Mitchum are put in charge of shaping our youth.

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It's not just Georgetown Law that Mitchum represents, though. He has been a policy analyst at John Podesta's Center for American Progress and the Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE), and he has written for publications such as The Atlantic, Huffington Post, and Ebony.

Unfortunately, save for his bizarre take on consent, Mitchum isn't a very unique or interesting character. He aligns with all of the usual far-left viewpoints: white people can't experience racism, President Trump is a bigot, to be cisgender is to be transphobic, etc. He's a big proponent of "white male fragility," and he really hates police officers.

While some may get a kick out of reading the absurd ramblings of cookie-cutter hyper-leftists like Mitchum, bear in mind that he may be at the front of a classroom at this very moment. Is that really where he belongs?

In a similar case from May of last year, American University introduced training material that exposed students to the idea that consent can be revoked long after intercourse is over.

Nowhere in any state or federal law is this claim supported, but that won't stop a 'progressive' university from printing it. Under the guise that this is being taught from a moral perspective, not a legal one, they manage to get away with it.

In another instance from two years ago, a professor at the University of Illinois claimed that "mathematics itself operates as Whiteness," because its laws are largely attributed to Europeans such as Pythagoras. That professor, Rochelle Gutiérrez, also allegedly told students that if they were late to class, they wouldn't receive credit because "there is no white privilege" in her classroom.

Gutiérrez was not the first unhinged progressive to push her questionable beliefs on impressionable students, and if Mitchum ever takes his views on consent from Twitter to the classroom, he surely won't be the last.

It's past due time for the education system to take a stand against activists masquerading as professors at US universities. That's something I can continuously consent to.

By Craig Snyder, writer and journalist specializing in politics, tech, and gaming

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