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1 Sep, 2019 19:31

Hurricane Dorian smashes houses & cars, knocks trees on destructive landfall in the Bahamas (VIDEO)

Hurricane Dorian smashes houses & cars, knocks trees on destructive landfall in the Bahamas (VIDEO)

Video footage has captured the intense force of Hurricane Dorian, as the storm made landfall in the Bahamas, bringing 300 kph winds that have levelled buildings, uprooted trees, and smashed vehicles.

Hurricane Dorian –a Category 5 storm– touched down on the Abacos Islands on Sunday afternoon. With sustained winds of 180 mph (289 kph) and gusts of 220 mph (354 kph), the storm is the most powerful Atlantic hurricane to make landfall since the 1935 Labor Day hurricane, according to the National Hurricane Center.

While local officials pleaded for those in Dorian’s path to make for higher ground, those that remained caught the storm’s awesome power on video. Torrents of flood water followed the winds, churning through streets and threatening to sweep away entire buildings.

Once the eye of the storm was overhead, some locals ventured out to record the damage left behind. Cars, trees, houses and utility poles had been tossed around by the storm, with some structures completely levelled.

As the relatively calm eye of the storm passed, the National Hurricane Center warned locals to return to shelter immediately, as winds could unexpectedly pick up again at any moment.

Dorian is expected to pass over the Abacos later on Sunday evening, before hitting Grand Bahama. Prime Minister Hubert Minnis announced an evacuation order for parts of Grand Bahama and urged all tourists to leave the area.

From Grand Bahama, Dorian is forecast to track northwards slowly and to graze along the east coast of Florida. Residents of the Sunshine State have already begun stockpiling supplies and boarding up buildings, while at least one county has issued an evacuation order.

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