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28 Aug, 2019 17:57

Lebanese Army says it fired at Israeli drones ‘breaching airspace’

Lebanese Army says it fired at Israeli drones ‘breaching airspace’

The Lebanese Army said it opened fire on Israeli drones that “breached” its airspace near the southern border. It follows the crash of two Israeli drones in Beirut, which the nation’s PM called an “open attack on sovereignty.”

The army said it shot at the aircraft on Wednesday afternoon, which media reports placed near the border town of Al-Adaysa.

The first pair of drones spotted left Lebanese airspace after the army fired on one of them, while a third was seen less than an hour later. It, too, returned to Israel after being fired upon.

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A spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces confirmed in a statement on Twitter that the drones were fired, but stopped short of saying they entered Lebanese airspace.

“Gunfire was heard inside Lebanese territory towards an area where IDF drones flew overhead,”said the spokesman, Avijaa Adraei. “The drones completed their mission and there was no damage.”

Two Israeli ‘suicide drones’ crashed near the Lebanese capital on Sunday, apparently attempting to target Hezbollah facilities. One drone failed to detonate, while the other damaged the militant group’s media headquarters.

Prime Minister Saad Hariri denounced the drone incursion as a “threat to regional stability and an attempt to increase tensions,” but added that the unmanned vehicles were not shot down by Lebanese forces.

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