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24 Aug, 2019 13:26

‘I’m an agent of chaos’: Сartoon depicts Boris Johnson as Heath Ledger’s Joker

‘I’m an agent of chaos’: Сartoon depicts Boris Johnson as Heath Ledger’s Joker

The UK prime minister has been depicted as the Joker from the movie ‘The Dark Knight’ in a cartoon published by the French newspaper L’Opinion, triggering some amusement online.

The sketch depicts Johnson as the iconic character played by the late Heath Ledger, and a couple of famous quotes from the film – Johnson’s Joker holds a sign that reads: “Why so serious?” while saying: “I am an agent of chaos.” 

Johnson has been accused of trying to use a no-deal Brexit – and the potential turmoil it may cause – as a means to pressure the EU into offering better terms for London.

The cartoon als shows German Chancellor Angela Merkel as Batman, and French President Emmanuel Macron as Robin, as they look at BoJo with not particularly excited  faces.

People on social media wasted no time weighing in, claiming that the drawing depicts the real “hierarchy” within the EU – a jibe directed at Macron, who's been considered by some as always playing to Merkel’s tune.

The sketch also comes against the backdrop of worsening UK-France ties, strained primarily by negotiations over Brexit. After this week’s meeting between the leaders of the two countries, Macron cautioned Johnson regarding the possibility of the UK “becoming a vassal of the US” if there is a no-deal Brexit, and said he “doesn’t think this is what British people want.”

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Johnson has made no official response to Macron’s words. Brexit is due to be discussed in the following weeks and will likely come up as a topic during the G7 summit, which starts today.

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