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4 Aug, 2019 14:32

Pakistani PM calls for Trump mediation in Kashmir days after Indian FM rejects US assistance

Pakistani PM calls for Trump mediation in Kashmir days after Indian FM rejects US assistance

Donald Trump should help Islamabad and New Delhi resolve their differences over disputed Kashmir, the Pakistani PM said. The US president earlier claimed his mediation was requested by India, but Indian officials denied this.

“President Trump offered to mediate on Kashmir. This is the time to do so as the situation deteriorates there,” Khan tweeted on Sunday.

He was referring to what Trump said during their present meeting, suggesting that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked him to be a mediator between India and Pakistan. Indian officials denied such a request was ever made and said India will only speak to Pakistan about the Kashmir dispute.

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Khan’s appeal to Trump comes amid the latest flare up in Kashmir, a border region at the heart of the decades-old dispute between Pakistan and India. Indian authorities on Friday said they had evidence of an imminent attack by militants backed by the Pakistani government and that at least five of them had been killed in a firefight.

The warning sparked panic among residents and pilgrim visitors of the Indian-controlled territories, prompting thousands to flee in a hurry, according to local government officials.

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Pakistan, which denies providing any support for militant forces seeking to topple India’s current control over parts of Kashmir, rejected the assentation of an imminent attack as “blatant lies.”

Islamabad on Saturday also accused the Indian military of using indiscriminate cluster munitions in shelling across the contested Line of Control (LOC). Such munitions killed two civilians and wounded another 11, the statement said. New Delhi denied the allegations.

The Muslim-majority region has been contested by the two nuclear-armed nations since the partition of British India, with two major wars fought for control over it since then. This year India and Pakistan engaged in their first direct dogfight in decades over Kashmir, which marked an escalation of tensions.

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