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2 Aug, 2019 11:59

Bollywood sex icon apologizes after man is inadvertently bombarded by calls from her adoring fans

Bollywood sex icon apologizes after man is inadvertently bombarded by calls from her adoring fans

A popular Bollywood actress has apologized on behalf of her fans after a Delhi man was bombarded by hundreds of calls meant for the former adult-film star.

In the film Arjun Patiala, a character played by Bollywood sex icon Sunny Leone, calls out her fictional telephone number – a number which happens to belong to a non-fictional, very real 26-year-old named Puneet Agarwal.

Agarwal now receives more than 100 calls a day – the vast majority of which are from Indian men demanding to speak with Leone, a former porn star.

Asked about the unfortunate situation, Leone said she was “sorry” and speculated that there “must be some really interesting people calling” Agarwal.

But for Agarwal, a simply apology might not be enough.

“I don’t even dream anymore,” he said in an interview with the BBC. “The phone keeps ringing until four in the morning.”


The unlucky Indian complained to police about the ongoing nightmare, but was told that the dim-witted callers weren’t breaking any laws. He was advised instead to settle the matter in court.

Fed-up and out of options, Agarwal has filed a petition to have his number removed from the film. He said that he hoped the film’s producers would comply with his request, avoiding a lawsuit.

For now, Agarwal says he has found an ingenious solution to keep the unwanted calls as brief as possible.

“I just tell them [Leone] has gone to have a bath and cannot speak right now.”

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