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9 Jul, 2019 09:25

Finnish photographer films heavyweight bear brawl from just FEET AWAY (VIDEO)

Finnish photographer films heavyweight bear brawl from just FEET AWAY (VIDEO)

Nature photographer Tero Pylkkanen was camping with his family in Kuhmo, Finland, when he decided to set up in a nearby hide to try and film local wildlife. In his own words, he may have captured the “best bear fight ever.”

Shortly after Pylkkanen set up camp, the first bear began sniffing around and it wasn't long before his opponent showed up for a showdown which shook the trees and terrified all within a five-mile radius.

The three-minute clash of titans took place just 33 feet (ten meters) away from Pylkkanen, whose heart was in his mouth the entire time. 

“I was in the bear hide with my family and these two bear were following each other maybe a couple of hours, and then luckily they took action in front of our hide,” Pylkkanen told PetaPixel.

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Brown bears can measure up to eight feet tall (2.4m), can weigh up to 700 pounds (317kgs) and can reach speeds of up to 30mph, meaning this was all fight, no flight.  

Despite how aggressive the fight may look, however, Pylkkanen explained that the goal is merely to establish dominance, not necessarily to mortally wound each other.

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