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6 Jul, 2019 08:42

Smurfette or first lady? Odd wooden statue of Melania Trump confuses and enrages locals (VIDEO)

Smurfette or first lady? Odd wooden statue of Melania Trump confuses and enrages locals (VIDEO)

A very strange statue of Melania Trump has been erected near her hometown of Sevnica in Slovenia, but the perplexing wooden creation isn’t a very flattering tribute to the first lady.

The life-sized chunky statue was carved from a tree trunk using a chainsaw, so perhaps that explains why it’s somewhat lacking in detail or any real likeness to the former model. 

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The statue depicts Mrs. Trump wearing the Ralph Lauren blue outfit she wore to her husband Donald’s inauguration in 2017, one lumpen arm raised in a wave. The statue’s face has crude eyes and a mouth scraped into the wood, with a bulbous chunk of wood for a nose, and looks nothing like the first lady. 


The peculiar sculpture was commissioned by artist Brad Downey and carefully carved with a chainsaw by local artist Ales Zupevc, also known as Maxi. The piece is part of an exhibition being held in Ljubljana about Melania’s early life in Slovenia. 

“Perhaps we are simply trying vigorously to make sense of things that might only be a slapstick prank. Who knows?” an exhibition leaflet about the statue reads, the Mirror reports.  

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“It’s a Smurfette. It’s a disgrace,” was one resident’s review. 

Social media users are baffled by the statue, with many remarking how unlike her it is and suggesting that it “desperately needs a facelift.” The harsh caricature also inspired jokes about the artist managing to successfully capture Melania’s personality perfectly as “wooden.”

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