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28 Jun, 2019 14:01

‘Take a seat’: Trump ‘humiliates’ Spanish PM at G20, says outraged Spanish press (VIDEO)

‘Take a seat’: Trump ‘humiliates’ Spanish PM at G20, says outraged Spanish press (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is known for stealing headlines with scathing takedowns of his political opponents, both in person and on Twitter, but this time a simple gesture was all that was needed to spark the ire of the Spanish media.

At a session of the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan, on Friday, Trump appeared to cut off Spain’s socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, while gesturing that he instead take a seat, before the US president nonchalantly walked away.

For his part Sanchez did sit down, while wearing an expression somewhere between a forced smile and a grimace. 

El Pais described it as a ‘mocking gesture’ and added that the pair share a “practically non-existent relationship,” while TeleMadrid described a “curious encounter” and said Trump told Sanchez, “you've got a good spot,” before making good his escape. 

Meanwhile, El Diario Patriota pulled no punches in describing Trump’s “humiliation” of Sanchez. The online publication also recalled Trump and Sanchez’s awkward and forced encounter at a NATO meeting in July, the two barely making eye contact and Trump answering the Spanish leader only after an awkwardly-extended pause.

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Trump has form for foregoing the pomp and circumstance of diplomatic relations, appearing to “fist-bump” Britain’s Queen Elizabeth during a recent visit to the UK in which he also “snubbed” Prime Minister Theresa May (despite having shaken her hand earlier in the day).

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