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23 Jun, 2019 10:34

WATCH Russia’s newest Mi-28 helicopter test-firing secretive anti-tank weapon (VIDEO)

WATCH Russia’s newest Mi-28 helicopter test-firing secretive anti-tank weapon (VIDEO)

A latest version of the Mi-28 attack helicopter was filmed firing a state-of-the-art missile that can hit and destroy an armored target at a distance of several kilometers.

The Mil Mi-28NM is now undergoing trials at a testing ground outside Russia before entering service with the Russian Air Force. As part of the test, the newest anti-tank missile was mounted on the helicopter to check its capabilities.

The weapon turns out to be so secretive that Zvezda (Star), the Defense Ministry’s broadcaster, which filmed the trials, had to blur it completely. Its name is also classified, as the aircraft designer in charge of the Mi-28 only referred to it as the “multipurpose guided missile,” or LMUR in Russian.

The footage then shows the helicopter flying towards a mock target and launching the missile. In a matter of seconds, a large explosion destroys it entirely.

The LMUR is said to be powerful enough to engage any enemy target at ranges of up to several kilometers. The feature allows the crew to fire from such distances without exposing themselves to enemy fire.

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Russian media reported that the Air Force is set to take delivery of 100 Mi-28’s in the NM version. The upgraded variant of Russia’s most capable helicopter features a new 360-degree radar, digitized avionics and a glass cockpit. It will also be fitted with precision air-to-surface weapons.

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