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4 Jun, 2019 14:42

Theresa May is a ‘better negotiator than me,’ critics are just ‘negative’ – Trump

Theresa May is a ‘better negotiator than me,’ critics are just ‘negative’ – Trump

Donald Trump and Theresa May ended their meeting with a back-slapping press conference focusing on UK Prime Minister’s “success” in Brexit negotiations and whom the US President offended during his stay.

The British media and public may be bashing May for her inability to deliver the Brexit that already cost her job, but Trump is throwing his weight behind her.

“I seem to remember that the president suggested that I sue the European Union, which we didn’t do,” May replied. “We went into negotiations and we came out with a good deal.”

“I would have sued, but that’s okay,” Trump joked back. “But you never know. She’s probably a better negotiator than I am.” Neither leader seemed willing to be goaded into a ‘he said, she said’ argument, and the tone remained light.

Trump was also pressed on two of his most prominent British critics – Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and London Mayor Sadiq Khan. The president described both as “negative” people, and said that he shot down a request from Corbyn to meet.

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True to form, Trump described reports of protesters gathering to oppose his visit as “fake news,” and the protesters themselves as stooges “put in for political reasons.” Pro and anti-Trump crowds did turn out in London for the day, but even the Guardian concluded that “just a few hundred” United Against Trump protesters showed up in Parliament Square.

The press conference came after Trump and May met to discuss post-Brexit trade issues. Trump urged May to “stick around” to ink a “very, very substantial trade deal” with the US after Britain eventually leaves the European Union. The pair also discussed geopolitical issues during their meeting at Downing Street, but revealed little during the conference, save for reaffirming their opposition to Iran and their commitment to hiking NATO defense spending.

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