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3 Jun, 2019 19:19

‘Americans are war-weary, while Iran was never a threat to us’ – Virginia State senator to RT

US citizens are weary of endless wars, Virginia State Senator Richard Black believes. He warned President Donald Trump against dragging the country into another one with Iran, and blamed John Bolton for being the top warmonger.

As tensions between Tehran and Washington continue to soar, Senator Black has addressed the US president in a letter, warning against going into an all-out war with Iran. He squarely put the blame for the ongoing standoff on National Security Advisor John Bolton, and urged Trump to prevent the official from “usurping” his own role.

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“John Bolton has usurped [Trump's] authority as Commander-in-Chief [CINC]. He countermanded your order for an immediate withdrawal from Syria, and now he has alarmed our allies by agitating for war against Iran. It was reported that you hope to avoid war with Iran. But the CINC does not ‘hope’. He commands. He does not delegate war-making to his staff,” Black wrote.

The US citizenry is weary of the decades of endless wars, and starting another one – while others are still going on and on – is definitely a bad idea, Black believes.

I think the American people are very war-weary, and I don't think it will bode well for the republicans if we end up in a shooting war with Iran.

“We're in the 18th year of the war in Afghanistan. We have dropped over a quarter million of bombs on Iraq, a country that never attacked us, that never was a threat to us, that never took any negative action,” Black told RT, adding that Bolton “was one of the individuals involved in concocting the false narrative that got us into Iraq.”

The idea that Iran is somehow “terrorism sponsor No1,” actively peddled by the US media and officials alike, is completely untrue, Black said. At the same time, there is plenty of evidence about Saudi Arabia to give it such a ‘title’, the senator said in his letter, accusing Riyadh of instigating the US to attack Iran “on their behalf.”

“I have difficulty in finding examples of [Iran's terrorism], and when I look at Saudi Arabia you can find just endless examples. It's believed that Iran is somehow a threat to the US, which it is not, in any respect,” Black told RT.

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