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31 May, 2019 20:34

Globalization ‘uproots traditional values,’ contributes to ‘rejection & hate’ – Pope Francis

Globalization ‘uproots traditional values,’ contributes to ‘rejection & hate’ – Pope Francis

Pope Francis has blamed globalization for the growing disparity between nations and said it has been conducive to the “individualistic culture of hate” that gradually replaces “traditional” societal norms of compassion.

“Technological development and economic prosperity may have benefited many, yet even more have remained hopelessly excluded,” the Pope told the Permanent Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church in Bucharest. The pontifex, who came to Romania on a three-day official visit, warned that, although globalization “tends to level differences,” it has also contributed to the dismantling of traditional values and ethics.

The result is “a growing sense of fear,” which, if deliberately stirred up, could lead to “rejection and hate.” The Pope decried what he called the new “individualistic culture of hate,” which he compared to the persecution of believers in Romania under Communist rule. While no longer “ideological,” this new phenomenon is still “no less materialist” and much more pervasive, the pontiff warned.

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His words resembled his earlier speech, in which he criticized economically advanced countries for elitism and individualism. In a message for the World Migrant and Refugee Day, the Pope said that “extreme individualism” and “utilitarian mentality” together give rise to the “globalization of indifference.”

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