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29 May, 2019 18:43

‘Personal vendetta’: Russian billionaire says US Treasury rewrote MSM reports to justify sanctions

‘Personal vendetta’: Russian billionaire says US Treasury rewrote MSM reports to justify sanctions

Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska, sanctioned by Washington for alleged ties with the Kremlin, has denounced accusations by the US Treasury as a “patently false” personal revenge that puts hundreds of thousands of workers at risk.

Calling the claims of his supposed ties to the Russian government “incompetent,” the billionaire’s representatives said they will raise questions “about the integrity and true intentions” of the Treasury’s investigations.

Curiously, the list of sources that forms the basis to put Deripaska on the US sanction list has been revealed by the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), as part of the tycoon’s lawsuit against the US. Those include several billionaire “lists” from the likes of Bloomberg, a Google Maps link showing what was said to be his property in London, and Mainstream Media (MSM) reports claiming to reveal Deripaska’s links to the Russian energy sector and to President Vladimir Putin himself.

It is those years-old media reports, citing anonymous sources and rumors, that formed the basis for the OFAC accusations and led to Deripaska being sanctioned, his press-office argues. It refutes both claims as “patently false.”

“It’s outrageous that there seems to be no burden of proof required for OFAC’s bureaucrats to indulge personal vendettas by ruining a man’s life, his businesses and leaving at risk hundreds of thousands of people, including workers and members of the community, as well as investors (Russian and international),” Deripaska’s office said.

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Oleg Deripaska is the founder of the Russian aluminum producer United Co. Rusal. In 2018 he was included on Washington’s so-called ‘Kremlin list’ of “oligarchs” and politicians. As a result, Deripaska’s US assets and entities were blocked and he was blacklisted for any business relations.

Deripaska is challenging the decision in the US court. He claims the sanctions are ruining his business and says they have already cost him more than $7.5 billion.

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