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3 May, 2019 13:24

‘City of Satan’: Meghan McCain gets Biblical while dissing Russia’s capital

‘City of Satan’: Meghan McCain gets Biblical while dissing Russia’s capital

Meghan McCain has found a new, xenophobia-laced way to debase Russia and its people, thoughtfully describing Moscow as the “city of Satan.” Like father, like daughter?

In keeping with family tradition, the daughter of late Senator John McCain and co-host of The View recently took to the airwaves to express her disdain for Russia. Speaking to US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman and his wife Mary Kaye via live satellite feed, McCain used Biblical language to help accentuate her apparent disgust for the country.

“Jon and Mary Kaye are doing the Lord’s work in the city of Satan. Thank you so much for your service to our country, that’s a rough job,” she said to the envoy and his wife before ending the segment.

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Her radical take on Moscow clashed somewhat with Huntsman’s own feelings about the ancient metropolis. Moments earlier, he told McCain and her fellow panelists that “right outside [of the embassy]” there are “a lot of beautiful, wonderful, talented, brilliant Russians who hope for a better relationship with the United States.”

Her hot take didn’t fare much better on social media. Journalist Danielle Ryan corrected the “perpetually clueless and nasty” television personality, noting that Moscow is conspicuously devoid of fire and brimstone.

Others noted that McCain had managed to out-hate America’s most outspoken Russia haters.

“Typical McCain but it’s pretty evil to call an entire city a ‘city of satan’ even for Russia haters,” one Twitter user observed.

“Meghan you are revolting. You have a platform many can only dream of having, and you use it to spout hateful, disingenuous nonsense. Shame on you,” another netizen commented.

Such a characterization of Moscow actually conflicts with well-established dogma of Senator McCain himself, as he several times denounced the legislative grind in Washington DC as “trying to do the Lord’s work in the city of Satan.”

According to the late senator, Russia is not even a real country – perhaps making Moscow unfit to be the city of anything, let alone Satan. McCain was unapologetic about his view that Russia is in fact nothing more than a “gas station masquerading as a country.”

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