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1 May, 2019 15:31

Antifa clashes with right-wing ‘Nazi grandma’ supporters on German streets (VIDEOS)

Antifa clashes with right-wing ‘Nazi grandma’ supporters on German streets (VIDEOS)

German police have set up barricades and deployed members of the riot squad to keep right-wing ‘Nazi Grandma’ supporters and elements of the local Antifa chapter separate. There have already been multiple arrests.

On International Workers’ Day, protesters from the ultra-nationalist Die Rechte party have staged demonstrations calling for 87-year-old Ursula Haverbeck, also known as the ‘Nazi Grandma’, to be freed from prison after she was convicted of Holocaust denial in 2016.

Die Rechte supporters were met with fierce resistance from counter-demonstrators, many of whom identify themselves as Antifa.

At least three counter-demonstrators have reportedly been arrested so far for breaching police barricades and public order offences. Water cannon have been put in place, but have not been used.

“We do not tolerate violent arguments or discriminatory or racist statements. As a precautionary measure, we point out the possible criminal liability of [breaching] blockades,” Police Commander Peter Schreckenberg said in advance of the day’s demonstrations.

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Police issued a general appeal on Twitter for calm and respect for the right to protest from both sides, but there were multiple scuffles and arrests throughout the afternoon.

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