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30 Apr, 2019 13:47

‘Hint of desperation’: Guaido called for coup after popular mobilization flopped, analyst tells RT

‘Hint of desperation’: Guaido called for coup after popular mobilization flopped, analyst tells RT

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido resorted to calls for a military uprising after his plot to bring about a ‘color revolution’ lost steam and failed to achieve regime change, political analyst Chris Bambery told RT.

Guaido’s recent moves show that he has “let the dynamic slip” and “lost momentum” since he challenged Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro as a self-declared interim president in January, Bambery said. They also indicate that the opposition chief’s “popular mobilization has come and gone,” he added.

There a hint of desperation [in Juan Guaido’s actions]. His attempt to stage a color-coded revolution has not succeeded, so he’s reduced to trying to instigate a military coup.

The analyst believes that a coup to oust Maduro was the scenario preferred by Guaido’s backers in the US who tried to sow dissent within the army.

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The opposition leader earlier claimed to have met with “the key units” of the Venezuelan Army. In a video address filmed near an airbase in Caracas on Tuesday, he called on the army to “end the usurpation” by the Maduro government. It was followed by clashes in the capital, as police used tear gas against protesters.

Venezuelan officials denounced the “coup attempt,” with the defense minister saying the incident was isolated and that army units across the country remained loyal to their commanders. The army is “central” to the Maduro government staying in power, Bambery said.

There are undoubtedly differences within the army. But, thus far, it seems that the army has stayed with Maduro.

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