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7 Apr, 2019 23:34

‘Nazis would approve!’ Bizarre IDF meme depicting ‘Iranian woman breeding terrorism’ backfires

‘Nazis would approve!’ Bizarre IDF meme depicting ‘Iranian woman breeding terrorism’ backfires

An IDF tweet that appears to show a silhouette of a woman pregnant with ‘terror’ with a slogan accusing Iran of ‘breeding’ terrorism, has triggered uproar, with some accusing Israel of hitting rock-bottom with Nazi-style rhetoric.

Israel, infamous for its overly simplistic ways of describing the perceived Iranian threat, has done it again – tweeting an outline of a pregnant woman who is about to bear ‘terror’. “Iran breeding in the Middle East” the IDF said next to its schematic meme, unleashing a hailstorm of criticism from Twitter users, who did not appreciate the pun.

The online community found it tasteless and even reminiscent of Nazi rhetoric, emphasizing that women do not “breed” but bear children. Others bombarded the IDF and the Israeli government with the usual accusations of racism and of practicing apartheid against Palestinians, urging the country’s defense forces to delete their tweet and to reconsider their approach to public relations.

Israel has repeatedly accused Iran of spreading its tentacles throughout the Middle East, including Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, which Tel Aviv considers a threat to its national security. Israel’s policy towards Iran is supported by the US, which last year withdrew from the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal and reintroduced sanctions against Iran, to a chorus of cheers from Israeli lawmakers. Meanwhile, this Monday, Washington is rumored to be officially designating Iran’s elite military unit as a ‘terrorist organization’.

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