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24 Mar, 2019 03:24

Israel retaliates against Gaza claiming barrage of ‘300 explosives’ targeted IDF troops (VIDEOS)

Israel retaliates against Gaza claiming barrage of ‘300 explosives’ targeted IDF troops (VIDEOS)

The Israeli Air Force has struck at least two ‘Hamas outposts’ in Gaza in retaliation for what the IDF claimed was an overnight barrage of some ‘300 explosives’ thrown across the border fence at Israeli troops.

The strike came in response to ongoing border disturbances by Hamas’ so-called “night-time unit” which staged a massive demonstration along the Gazan border with Israel on Saturday night, burning tires, throwing homemade explosive devices, and launching incendiary balloons at southern Israel.

“Our stance is clear, either [Israel] lifts the blockade [on Gaza] or [Israeli] residents of border communities evacuate,” the statement by the unit read, as its operatives vowed to continue their unrest throughout next week between the hours of 7pm until the first light of dawn.

Video from the scene, released by the IDF, showed a night-time cannonade unfolding right at Israel’s doorstep. At least “300 explosives have been thrown at our forces,” the IDF claimed, according to the Jerusalem Post, before proceeding to strike Hamas targets on Sunday morning.

Earlier on Saturday, three Palestinians were injured at the border fence after the IAF drones struck two groups that allegedly had been launching explosive balloons at Israel.

In November, Israel struck a ceasefire deal with the leadership of Gaza following an intense two-day border confrontation, that was triggered by a botched Israeli special forces raid, after which Hamas and the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine launched over 400 rockets while the IDF destroyed over 150 ‘terrorists targets’ in the enclave.

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