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Pakistani jets SHOOT DOWN enemy warplane in hot new MUSIC VIDEO

Pakistani jets SHOOT DOWN enemy warplane in hot new MUSIC VIDEO
India and Pakistan did not get into a full-blown war this month, but the accumulated energy erupted in a Lollywood-style music video in which the Pakistani military takes some pokes at India. There is also dancing…

As military promo videos go, this one is a bit on the emotional and artistic side. It shows Pakistani men and women in uniform shooting their weapons, smiling for the camera and singing along to ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ – an uplifting patriotic song. Civilians cheer on their defenders, who use all the might of the Pakistani military to thwart would-be aggressors.

At one point, a pair of Pakistani Air Force JF-17 Thunder fighter jets is shown taking off and shooting an unidentified enemy plane – an obvious reference to the downing of an Indian MiG-21 Bison during the latest clash over Kashmir.

And yes, there is dancing. The video includes footage from a parade with stern-looking soldiers, powerful missiles, and jubilant civilian performers on parade floats.

The video was released ahead of Pakistan Day celebrations on Saturday, and features a new song by popular singer and composer Sahir Ali Bagga. He first performed it before a large crowd at the finals of a cricket championship in Islamabad last week.

Both India and Pakistan have found themselves in a patriotic fervor lately, after the two sworn nuclear-armed rivals clashed this month in a manner not seen since their last big war in the 1970s. Indian warplanes entered Pakistani territory to bomb what India called a camp of terrorists responsible for a deadly bombing attack against Indian police in disputed Kashmir.

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Pakistan responded on the next day with a raid of its own, in which fighter jets of both nations engaged in a dogfight. India lost one of its older planes and says it shot down one of Pakistan’s F-16s. Islamabad denied the claims and insisted it did not use the US-made model at all during the sortie. The flare-up, however, was quickly quashed after Pakistan swiftly released the pilot of the Indian plane – a development that is featured prominently in the music video.

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