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PM Khan’s ex-wife claims he’s secretly as ‘bigoted’ as minister sacked for ‘cow urine drinkers’ jibe

PM Khan’s ex-wife claims he’s secretly as ‘bigoted’ as minister sacked for ‘cow urine drinkers’ jibe
A Pakistani minister resigned last week after calling Hindus “cow urine-drinkers.” Now the former wife of Imran Khan, who had authored a scalding memoir on their brief marriage, claims the Pakistani PM is secretly just as bigoted.

The Pakistani public and officials vented their outrage after Provincial Minister of Punjab for information and culture Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan was caught on video calling the country’s Hindu minority “cow urine-drinking people” and doubting their loyalty. The minister, who initially tried to justify his remark by the recent flare-up with India, resigned last Tuesday after offering an apology.

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But Reham Khan, Prime Minister Khan’s former spouse, wrote in her new op-ed on Monday that she only “smiled” over the indignation. Branding the Pakistani leader a “closet bigot,” she claimed the offensive remarks are no worse than what Khan used to tell her in private.

Khan, recently credited for his effort to defuse tensions with India after the escalation in Kashmir, allegedly used derogatory terms for Christians and Hindus in private settings, liked “racist jokes and clichés” and lectured to her step-daughter that acting was an improper occupation for a respectable woman, Reham claims.

I am not in the least bit surprised when I hear his ministers routinely make identical remarks in public about Hindus or film stars. The direct calls made to Imran to remove these racist, bigoted loudmouths make me smile. If only those complaining knew that these men mirror their leader.

No stranger to controversy, Reham continued with a generalized observation bound to cause more outrage at home, as she accused the Pakistani culture of “deep-rooted bigotry” stemming from “our government schools, where children are brought up on a curriculum of hate and then brainwashed by the deep state’s narrative through media.”

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The marriage to Imran Khan was the second for Reham Khan and lasted for about a year in 2015. Last year she authored a scathing memoir that accuses the cricket star-turned country leader of secretly being a drug addict, bisexual and even a believer and practitioner of black magic. Khan, who capitalized on his cricket fame to run an ultimately successful campaign for the PM’s office, responded to the book by calling the marriage his biggest mistake in life.

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