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11 Mar, 2019 04:37

‘God gave him a penis!’ Duterte tells women to avoid ‘stupid’ priests who can’t suppress instincts

‘God gave him a penis!’ Duterte tells women to avoid ‘stupid’ priests who can’t suppress instincts

God created penises and vaginas, and all those stupid priests who arrogantly think they can suppress their basic instincts are a threat to women, the Philippines President claimed, in his latest tirade against the Catholic church.

God gave him a penis. What will they do with that? Will they slap it against the door every morning?

Women should stay away from priests, Rodrigo Duterte advised, claiming that most clergymen are more than willing to use their God-given ‘gift’ to act on their suppressed tendencies. “When you are near him, he will just smell the scent of your body...[and] he will court you... because he is a man,” Duterte added, noting that only “stupid” men enter the priesthood.

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“Is there an intelligent priest? They are all stupid. If they aren’t stupid, they wouldn’t enter the priesthood. You keep on looking at all the beautiful women that you can’t court. My God,” Duterte said, immediately drawing criticism for his vulgar comments.

The controversial president, who in the past admitted to being a “womanizer and serial misogynist” should be the last person to advise women not to deal with the clergy, the Gabriela Women’s Party said.

Duterte, who revealed in 2015 that he was molested by a priest when he was young, has frequently slammed the institution of the Catholic church, which has been particularly critical of his harsh anti-drug policies.

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