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6 Mar, 2019 07:42

Iran in economic, psychological war with US & its allies – President Rouhani

Iran in economic, psychological war with US & its allies – President Rouhani

The US is waging an economic and psychological war against Iran in an attempt to topple its government, President Hassan Rouhani said, as he called on the Iranian people to stay strong in the face of this aggression.

“Iran is in economic and psychological war with America and its allies... their aim is to change the regime,” he said during a rally speech in the northern province of Gilan.

The Iranian president added that “our nation and the leadership are united against our enemies.”

The Trump administration made increasing pressure on Iran a priority of its foreign policy. Washington pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran despite the objections of other signatories and has been twisting the arms of other nations to force them to stop doing business with Iran.

Rouhani said the US re-imposing economic sanctions on Iran was meant to goad Tehran into pulling out of the nuclear deal, which has not happened. This resulted in the US being isolated at the UN Security Council when President Donald Trump personally appealed for sanctions to be slapped on Iran last year.

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The White House is currently filled with Iran hawks, such as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton. Washington is trying to forge a regional anti-Iranian alliance, which would include Israel and the Gulf monarchies led by Saudi Arabia. Last month, they met in Poland for a high-profile meeting, which was largely snubbed by European heavyweights.

Rouhani said the outcome of the meeting, which was a far cry from the world rallying behind Washington to fight against Tehran, was another blow to the US policy towards Iran.

The Iranian president acknowledged that the US has managed to create problems in Iran with its sanctions and other actions, and pledged that his government will work tirelessly to solve or mitigate them, serving the interests of the Iranian people.

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