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27 Feb, 2019 18:05

African pastor’s crazy ‘resurrection’ stunt ridiculed by meme (VIDEOS)

African pastor’s crazy ‘resurrection’ stunt ridiculed by meme (VIDEOS)

Footage of a South African pastor dramatically ‘resurrecting’ a man from the dead has sparked a hilarious internet challenge – but the pastor is hitting back at the ridicule.

Pastor Alph Lukau, leader of the Alleluia Ministries International (AMI) church near Johannesburg, streamed his three-hour mass service on Facebook Live on Sunday, which included a very dramatic resurrection of a man who had supposedly been dead for two days.

The ‘miracle’ involves Lukau touching the ‘corpse’ and yelling “wake up!” before the shocked looking man named Elliot rises from his coffin to a resounding applause. The footage sparked a hilarious internet challenge of reenactments and memes.

The self-styled prophet's actions have angered local funeral companies who are reportedly threatening to sue for being duped into taking part in the charade by providing coffins and other services.

There are no such things as miracles,” the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL Rights Commission) told South Africa's national broadcaster SABC News. “They are made up to try to get money from the hopelessness of our people.”

Lukau himself has hit back at naysayers in the form of a lengthy statement that criticizes people who doubt the power of God. The pastor called for Elliot’s doctor and “everyone in the mortuary” to be interviewed in order to “verify” the miracle.

However the church has since backtracked to say the man was indeed alive when he arrived, and Lukau simply “completed a miracle that God had already started,” according to the Sowetan.  

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