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21 Feb, 2019 09:10

Looking for ‘Russian’ spooks: RT checks out Brussels café reportedly used to spy on EU officials

Looking for ‘Russian’ spooks: RT checks out Brussels café reportedly used to spy on EU officials

An RT reporter had visited a Brussels steakhouse – enjoyed by many top EU officials – where Russian or Chinese agents reportedly are up to no good, only to find out it’s one of the worst places to practice spycraft.

The European External Action Service (EEAS) is said to have cautioned EU staff against visiting a popular steakhouse within walking distance of the European Commission headquarters, saying it is infested with operatives from Russian and Chinese spy agencies. The name of the place was not mentioned, “but it doesn’t take a super spook” to realize that this is Meet Meat, RT’s Charlotte Dubenskij revealed.

Also on rt.com EU diplomats warned to stay out of pubs & cafes to avoid Russian & Chinese ‘spies’

Situated in the shadow of the commission headquarters, this is the only steakhouse nearby. Is it actually a spy nest where Moscow and Beijing have their tentacles? “Of course I would like to get girls like James Bond does, but no,” Philippe Weiner, the owner, replied. He said the café is noisy and often overcrowded, making it impossible to hear anything at the next table.

Local security services must have conducted background checks on the steakhouse as it is frequently attended by top political brass, including EU commissioners. However, they found nothing incriminating in there, it seems. But what about other locations in Brussels, including the embassy-lined streets of the EU capital?

Watch the full report to find out.

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