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Germany will stop extraditing its citizens to UK after Brexit – report

Germany will stop extraditing its citizens to UK after Brexit – report
Berlin reportedly told officials in Brussels that it will halt extradition of its citizens to Britain after Brexit. London has little over a month left to strike an exit deal with the EU.

Last week, Berlin formally notified the European Commission that it will stop extraditing its citizens to Britain once London leaves the EU, the Financial Times reported on Sunday. The decision was "not a surprise" and is in line with the Brexit procedures, one EU official told the publication. 

He also said that Germany halting extradition is a "sign of things to come" when the sides continue talks on securing cooperation in law enforcement, as the UK is formally set to exit the EU by the end of next month.

Under current German law, its citizens can be handed over either to fellow EU nations or to an international court.

The painstaking Brexit negotiations segued into another crisis last month when the UK Parliament firmly rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plan. The setback forced the authorities to frantically seek an additional bargain with the EU leadership.

The vote against the deal agreed upon by the EU prompted irritation from European politicians. European Council head Donald Tusk said the situation makes him wonder what "the special place in hell looks like for those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan to deliver it safely."

His comments were met with pushback in the UK. Theresa May stated that such tirades are "not helpful and have caused widespread dismay."

Britain is scheduled to formally leave the EU on March 29.

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