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5 Feb, 2019 15:06

‘Pro-migration politicians continue to run amok’: Hungary’s FM rails against Brussels

‘Pro-migration politicians continue to run amok’: Hungary’s FM rails against Brussels

After blocking a Brussels backed migration proposal, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó spoke out against EU leaderships’ attempt to enforce consensus, staunchly maintaining his country’s “zero tolerance” migration policy.

Szijjártó told reporters he had vetoed the draft Joint Declaration prepared for the upcoming EU - Arab league summit at the end of the month because it was based on the UN Global Compact for Migration which Hungary rejected last year.

[The compact] cannot be incorporated. It would only trigger another wave of migration and neglect the rights of those who want to live peacefully in their own country,” Szijjártó stated.

He made clear that his government would never support an agreement referring to the compact, which he says was adopted to facilitate migration in spite of security concerns and without consensus. He believes that the legislation discussed at Monday’s meeting in Brussels was “stealthily trying to push through and make the UN migration pact a reference point,” despite Budapest’s objections.

While the compact was officially endorsed by the UN at the end of last year, 5 member nations voted against the bill, and dozens abstained. Hungary has since maintained that without “unanimous agreement” by UN members, the document cannot be used as a point of reference.

Needless to say, other EU members present at the meeting were less than thrilled that Hungary had outright rejected a document which they saw as a compromise.

The Hungarian government has rejected far-reaching compromise proposals for ideological reasons and has isolated itself with this blockade in the EU circle,” a diplomat in attendance said, according to German press agency DPA.

Szijjártó retorted that while Hungary’s isolation has long been a “pipe-dream” for pro-migration politicians, “Anyone who says no to migration will continue to be our ally.

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Despite rejecting the draft, Szijjártó expressed his belief that the EU should work with the Arab League on the premise of mutual respect to promote security, stability and economic development. “Attempts at intervention … have resulted in destabilization in a number of countries,” he continued, adding that trying to “export democracy” should be ruled out.

Last month, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban also called outpro-migration” EU leader Emmanuel Macron, vowing to fight him in order to protect Hungary’s future.

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